05 March 2011

My second post

Hi! Here is my second blog post. It is going slowly but I will be more and more motivated to do it, so stay tuned ;-)

I want to show you today a picture of Nora that I used to make an easy little layout in Photoshop.

I took this very spontaneously during Sebastian Manz's birthday. As I started to take pictures that evening, I realized that I had forgotten to change lenses and the only lens I had was 16-35mm.....so I stayed with it and made some fun shots.

Nora is very changeable and can show off many moods. The one in this picture, with its freshness,  is one I like a lot :-)

To make the text I used an FX bevel, with drop shadow and fill set to 0.

Than I added (with the inverse crop) some white around the picture, and finally I added an outer glow to the original picture.

The picture was made from several layers and some adjustments (desaturation, free transform, gaussian blur.....). Some easy steps that allow you do something funny :-)



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